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Skylight Instructions

Parts List

1. Skylight Shade (Handle is attached to movable)
2. Tube of Silicone Grease
3. Light Blocking Strip (Not require)
4. (2) Guide Plugs
5. (4) Brackets
6. (2) Retainers
7. (2) Color Strips

Installation Procedure

Step 1: Screw one Retainer to each side of the skylight opening.

Note: There are pre-drilled holes on Retainers. If there are no pre-drilled holes, drill holes 3/4 from the front of the Retainers. Locating the screws 4 from the top and bottom. And every 12 for screws located in the middle.

Note: Also make sure that there are no obstructions within 3/4 of the back edge of the Retainers.

Step 2: Screw brackets approx. 2 - 4 from side and 1 1/8 back from the front edge of the skylight opening. Repeat for Top or Bottom.

Note: If using the hole located on the top side (not the L part that has two holes side by side), must use a flat headed screw. (not included)

Side Retainer installed
Skylight top bracket location
Skylight bottom bracket location
Step 3: Apply Light Blocking Strip beside and between brackets on Top and Bottom of skylight opening.

Note: These help with block the light between the wall and railings, due to wall varations on the skylight shade. (Not Required)

Step 4: Apply Silicone Grease to the large rib on the back side of the Guide Plug. Do this on both sides.

Note: Silicone Grease helps the shade slide smoothly on the retainers.
Where the Light Blocking Strip is applied
Where the Guide Plug clips into the Retainers
Step 5: Compress Top Rail and Middle Rail (is the one that has the Handle on it), Tilt into the opening.

Note: Make sure that the cords are hanging freely from the middle rail and are not wrapped around the Guide Plugs.

Step 6: Push Guide Plug left into Retainer track until you here it click. Repeat pushing in the right direction to complete.
Where the Guide Plug clips into the Retainers
Getting the Guide aligned to the Retainers groove
Step 7: With the Top Rail and Middle Rail compressed and in Retainer track, slide up with to the top brackets.

Step 8: With the Top Rail against the brackets. Put the spring loaded front clip into the front groove of the headrail. Push the rail back and up until the back hooks of the bracket are engaged in the back groove of the headrail.

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 for the bottom rail.
After the Skylight Guides are clipped in to the Retainers
Cellular bracket location points
Top view of the Cellular headrail with bracket attached

Adjusting shade tension

Step 1: If you notice that the cords are loose. Check the gap between the front of Headrail and Bottomrail and the front side of the Retainer Track. If the spacing isn't uniform, loosen mounting brackets and adjust as necessary.

Step 2: Now you will need to adjust the tension in each cord using the Tension Bolts. Start by raising the Middle Rail up to the Top rail compressing the fabric tightly.

Note: This will insure the leveling of the Middle Rail.

Step 3: While holding the Middle Rail, start tightening one of the Tensioning Bolts clockwise using a flat head screwdriver. Turn Tension Bolt until all slack is removed, but cord isn't tight. Repeat for opposite side.

Note: When tightening, the Tension Bolt should not be able to turn back. If it does turn back, tighten the bolt on the back side slightly or till Tension Bolt no longer turns back.

If you have any questions about Installation, please give us a call or email.