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Usually the control mechanism is placed on the right side, but it also can be used for the left side. The A bracket is always placed on the side with the bead chain and the B bracket on the opposite side. The brackets can be placed in three different ways:
  • Mounting Outside frame(2a)
  • Mounting Inside frame(2b)
  • Ceiling Mount(2c)
Mounting Inside Frame
Ceiling Mount Before the roller shade is placed in the brackets, insert the Bracket Insert in the end of the roller shade with the round hole Then press the control mechanism into pin metal of the A bracket

Press the square part of the locking bracket into B bracket until the locking button is notched into the front of the B bracket.
In order to adjust the stop function of the control mechanism, remove the blind from the window and twist the control mechanism cover.
Another way to adjust the bead chain connector is by removing the clutch cover and adjust it to the desired position.

With safety in mind we have provided you with Cord Guides to keep the cords out of reach of small children. Mount the Cord Guide to the side of the window frame for inside mount, or the frame or wall for outside mount. Do not apply tension to loop control. The cord should run through the cord guide freely.